Therapy for Adults in Mt. Pleasant

As an adult, during therapy sessions, you will quickly appreciate that we come from a supportive place to help uncover why things are not going the way you want them to, and how to better improve your functioning. While we do credit our past as an important influence on our present, and commonly our work involves looking at what may still be upsetting you (past family, relationships, trauma) in ways you do not realize. But generally, we do not want to fret on your past repeatedly. We want to examine your positive assets and the prominence of you developing now.  It is quite common when we are feeling stuck that our strengths and positive qualities are difficult to see and acknowledge. We do not tell you what to do.  We are not the boss.  We unite together as a team in finding totality and recovery. Our job is not to give you the answers to your problems, but instead, ask the right questions to help YOU find those answers that are already within.  We hold no judgement or criticism, and humbly want to help you reach your goals – whatever they may be.