Therapy for Teens in Mt. Pleasant

The transition into being a teenager can be equally problematic and hard on both parents and teens. It’s not exceptional for teenagers to feel displaced, depressed, irritable and/or anxious. This is also a time where communication between parents and teens often breaks down. Middle school and high school can be a tough place, and often times, teens find that it affects their confidence and self-esteem.  Often times, the actuality of a situation is that most teens do not want to talk to their parents about their personal lives.  As a father, I understand this as well as anyone.

My role in teen counseling is to be somebody who is not their parent, their friend, or their teacher. I place no judgement on them, or the choices they have made.  I provide them with an environment that reinforces that fact that being a teenager can be hard, while being somebody who is on their side, but not directly involved in the theatrics of their everyday lives.

I assist teenagers in developing skills to communicate themselves in appropriate ways that can be understood. Instead of staying stuck in a tangle of emotions, teens who work with me learn to express feelings and needs in a way that empowers them as young adults. We work on skills to reduce anxiety, work our way through and out of depression, avoid or stop self-harm (ie cutting, burning, abusive relationships), and improve communication and interactions with their parents and peers.

Teens usually wish to meet alone, without parents, or sometimes they wish for a space to be able to talk with their parents – I am happy to honor the decision of the teen, but always strive to keep communication open between the teen and parent(s).